Supply Chain as Strategic Asset

Title: Supply Chain as Strategic Asset: The Key to Reaching Business Goals
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 978-0-470-87477-6
336 pages
January 2011

This book investigates the relationship between some of the well-known business strategies and how they affect the selection of the supply chain strategy. As technology is the de-facto enabler of business capabilities in current times, therefore, the book also provides a good overview of the prevalent practices in developing and pursuing effective technology strategy that will best support the business needs. This book debunks the conventional thinking on supply chain strategy and proposes a new framework to design supply chains to support your business strategy and create competitive advantages. 

Exploring the relationship among the three strategies: business strategy that sets the goals, supply chain strategies that define the business capabilities to achieve the business goals, and the technology strategy that enables building the business capabilities effectively, the book highlights how this synergistic relationship can transform the companies by prioritizing the capital investments that are fully aligned with the business goals of the firm and provide the best returns on the investments. The book is full of real-life cases from the industry supporting the view points presented to create an effective supply chain strategy.

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What Others are Saying:
“Is there something like a Supply Chain Nirvana, where it all comes together and where a firm’s supply chain is perfectly aligned with its business strategy, thus creating the competitive advantage the firms needs to stay ahead of its rivals? Vivek Sehgal may have found the recipe in his latest book, Supply Chain as Strategic Asset. In this tightly packed 300-page volume Sehgal shows how important it is to have a top-down-driven approach to supply chain management and how important it is to link strategy and execution, from the board room to the very last delivery guy. The supply chain is a firm’s core asset, and perhaps its most important asset, and a firm is only as good or as bad as its supply chain. While a bit overwhelming at first, this book is filled with many important real-life lessons, and K-Mart versus Wal-Mart seems to be one of Sehgal’s favorite subjects.” Read the full review from Jan Husdal at

"If your goal is to construct a supply chain strategy that meets the needs of your business, then this book is a must-read. Supply Chain as Strategic Asset builds an excellent bridge between corporate financial goals and the needs of a complex and world-class supply chain strategy."
Eddie Capel, Executive Vice President of Global Operations, Manhattan Associates

"Supply chains are the new business frontier for value innovation and cost elimination. Many authors miss the fact that supply chain management is most effective when it is directly linked to corporate strategy; and when strategy can translate into an adaptable process, supply chains can be aligned, agile, and adaptable. In this book, Sehgal shows us new ways to view supply chain constraints and opportunities in a networked world, as well as a road map to get there."
Patrick Byrne, Chairman, SPC Holdings Pty Limited, Australia

"This is an excellent book on supply chains management wherein the author has brought out the concept and need of aligning the three strategies of business, supply chain, and technology in a coherent manner. There are several real-life examples from corporations such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Toyota that illustrate how this strategy alignment can bring competitive, sustainable, and profitable growth to a business. Overall, a great book for supply chain professionals and business leaders to develop a deep understanding of how efficient and effective supply chains can become a true source of competitive advantage for a business."
Sanjeev Gupta, Manufacturing Director, Unilever Sri Lanka Limited

‘‘Supply Chain as Strategic Asset serves as a great prequel to Enterprise Supply Chain Management. Sehgal’s new book helps wrap the framework of strategic planning around the supply chain capabilities previously covered. The combination of business theory with practical case studies and examples help drive home valuable lessons that executives should take to heart.’’
David Landau, Vice President, Manhattan Associates

‘‘Business processes are the source of competitive advantage in the 21st century. Vivek Sehgal expertly connects the dots between business strategy and supply chain strategy. He explains that supply chain strategy must be derived from business strategy, but also that competitive advantage through supply chain must be built into the processes by pro-active design. The time for pushing industry best practices is over. As Vivek explains, now is the time to pro-actively create superior processes that will result in the creation of competitive advantage.’’
Dustin Mattison, Founder,

‘‘In this book, Vivek Sehgal shows to the full that in order to compete and to reach its goals, a company can and should use the supply chain as a strategic tool, and he explains how a company can make use of Porter’s generic strategies and apply them to every nook and niche of its supply chain. Easily read, well-structured, and with highly illustrative industry examples accompanying every major statement, the book explores the concepts of strategic thinking in a manner that very few books on supply chain management do. This book will set your thoughts in motion, and hopefully, your supply chain, too.’’
Jan Husdal, Editor, Supply chain Risk explained, explored, researched and reviewed

‘‘It goes without saying that a lot has changed and continues to change in business today. For those businesses with significant working capital commitment and risk associated with a smoothly functioning and adaptable supply chain these are challenging times. There are very few people who can translate the importance of a value added supply chain to a business than Mr. Sehgal. Take the translation one step further and you have a manual that peels back the layers for understanding and actionable knowledge. Like Vivek’s previous book this is a must have on the shelf for not only supply chain executives, but those executives who want their supply chain capabilities to be competitive differentiators.’’
Craig LaFrance, Director of Business Development, CDC Software

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