Enterprise Supply Chain Management

Title: Enterprise Supply Chain Management: Integrating Best-in-Class Processes
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 978-0-470-46545-5
206 pages
June 2009

This book presents a functional view of the supply chain across the enterprise and covers all processes of demand management, supply management, warehousing, transportation, supply chain network design, and partner collaboration. This book is targeted at supply chain managers, technology managers managing supply chain projects, and students interested in learning about supply chains. If you like books that are written in a lucid, short, succinct manner, you will like it. This book does not go into the theory behind supply chain solutions, but points out what these processes can do for you, the inputs and outputs required by these processes, and their interaction with each other.

This book essentially covers the following:
  • Elements of a supply chain
  • The scope of an enterprise supply chain
  • Demand and supply planning
  • Supply chain network design
  • Transportation and warehouse management
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Reverse logistics management
  • Supply chain technology
What you will learn:
After reading this book, you can expect to have a good overview of all supply-chain processes in an enterprise from planning to execution. You will also learn why each of these processes is important, what questions each process address for the enterprise, what data is generally required to execute the process successfully, what outputs can you expect from a process, and what processes can make use that output downstream.

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What Others are Saying:
“What we have here is a book that fully covers the complete setup of a supply chain from A to Z, with nothing left out, and while strategic considerations are not explicitly mentioned, implicitly they are taken care of.  Kudos to Vivek Sehgal for writing this book. In essence, it is an “How to” book on supply chains, covering practically every part of managing a supply chain.  It is a book for the supply chain professional, not so much for the company CEO, and less so for a student or researcher like me. It is a hands-on book, it’s practical, and it provides the answers one would need in the daily struggles of managing a supply chain.” Read the full review at: http://www.husdal.com/2009/12/11/book-review-enterprise-scm/

"Enterprise Supply Chain Management: Integrating Best-in-Class Processes is a great primer on all things supply chain. This is a must-read for any IT, finance, business, or sales executive working for an organization where supply chain is a strategic discipline."
David Landau, Vice President, Manhattan Associates

"This book provides a comprehensive mapping of supply chain processes and associated solution architecture. Its clarity and concise language makes it a definite read for anyone with a need to understand the bigger picture on supply chain management solutions and best practices. Equally suited for supply chain managers, IT managers, architects, and students looking forward to a career in supply chain management."
Yasser Alkazzaz, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Hatch Corporation (Canada)

"Easily the best book for the practitioners who must understand the overall scope of supply chain functions, technology, and its impact on finance in an enterprise, without the need to get into the algorithms behind the supply chain solutions. The appendix on potential evolution of a green supply chain is thought-provoking for those pioneering carbon-aware supply chains."
Pervinder Joharformer, CTO and Executive Vice President, Manhattan Associates

"Great book and especially relevant in these times when reducing expenses is vital given the current economic times. The book clearly explains how implementing the correct supply chain processes can help you to achieve your cost-reduction goals; and if you are someone whose job depends on achieving these goals, this is for you."
Henry Blum, Manager, Logistics Applications, Inc.

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