Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The New Global Supply Chains: Shorter, Nimbler, Local

imagePast couple of decades have generally seen supply chains stretching ever longer from one end of the world to another. As manufacturing started becoming heavily concentrated in China, more and more companies found it was just cheaper to build or buy in China and ship it to their factories, assembly plants, and markets rather than maintaining traditional domestic sources. The volatility in energy prices and growing awareness of the cost of supply chain disruptions might just change that.   


Thursday, November 3, 2011

From Fashionable to Foundational

imageSustainability has been slowly gaining traction. This may be the year when it becomes mainstream theme for a majority of companies. While most companies adopted sustainability as a tool to enhance their corporate brand, a lot of them have discovered that it can also affect their bottom-lines. The sustainability seems to be going mainstream within the corporate culture and is being adopted as a business strategy to drive Growth, Return on Capital, and even Risk Management. That is the message from a recent survey from McKinsey Quarterly.