Thursday, September 29, 2011

IT: The Savior?

imageCan IT be your business’s savior? Can IT propel your business, grow it, and give it the competitive edge it sorely needs? Information technology is generally not seen as the savior: Mismanaged IT projects, failed ERP implementations, piles of consulting bills, and too much drama – all of this has given bad rap to a discipline that can become the core strategic engine for your business. But whether you wield IT as a competitive weapon or as a tool to bleed the business, that is a choice you make explicitly.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What do Your Financials say About your Supply Chain?

imageWhat can a financial analyst tell about a company’s future by looking at its supply chain? What should they be looking for? How should they analyze such data? How does the supply chain competency affect the financial prospects of a company? These were some of the topics I discussed with Sherree Decovny of the CFA magazine a couple of months back. The interview is published in their Sep-Oct 2011 issue as an article on what should financial analysts know about the corporate supply chains to make better assessments of their financial future.