Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Compete to Win: Align Your Process and Technology to Your Business

It is logical: to get the best of your investments in technology, align them with the business processes they are enabling, and align those business processes with the business strategy. Common sense, may be, but it is easier said than done.
A new study from RSR points out the common misalignment between business & technology groups, but also offers some pointers to solve the issue. In a report titled, “Pandora's Box? The Impact of New Technologies on Retail IT”, RSR identifies the following.

Top 3 business challenges to Consistently Delivering IT Value:

  • Conflicting demands from different business departments stretches IT resources
  • Most packaged software does not suit our unique business needs, we have to customize it or build our own
  • A poor definition of requirements at the outset leads to rework later on

Top 3 Opportunities (Your) Company is Considering or Acting Upon to Improve IT Value Delivery:

  • Align IT priorities to corporate strategies via executive steering committee
  • Tighter process & systems integration with suppliers & business partners
  • More business user accountability for IT value delivery
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