Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Review: Supply Chain as Strategic Asset

Excerpts from Husdal.com: “Is there something like a Supply Chain Nirvana, where it all comes together and where a firm’s supply chain is perfectly aligned with its business strategy, thus creating the competitive advantage the firms needs to stay ahead of its rivals? Vivek Sehgal may have found the recipe in his latest book, Supply Chain as Strategic Asset. In this tightly packed 300-page volume Sehgal shows how important it is to have a top-down-driven approach to supply chain management and how important it is to link strategy and execution, from the board room to the very last delivery guy. The supply chain is a firm’s core asset, and perhaps its most important asset, and a firm is only as good or as bad as its supply chain. While a bit overwhelming at first, this book is filled with many important real-life lessons, and K-Mart versus Wal-Mart seems to be one of Sehgal’s favorite subjects.”
Read the complete book review by Jan Husdal on the book titled: Supply Chain as Strategic Asset – Key to Reaching Business Goals.
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