Friday, December 11, 2009

Commerce says Retail Sales up by 1.2% Without Autos

Well, that is really good news. On Nov. 13, I wrote that there is a very good likelihood that retail holiday sales this year will be better this year than last. This is a view not shared by NRF, though I would stick to it. That has been the trend so far and I think it is going to continue through the rest of the season. When compared to November, 2008, this month’s numbers are up by 1.9%! Click here for the news release from the bureau.

The best part is that while the total retail sales rose by 1.3%, most of the rise happens to be the real retail, as in without the autos. Autos did not contribute heavily to this number so that the retail without autos rose 1.2%. However, autos sales rose as well by 2.0% (6.7% over November 2008 numbers).

All in all, a definite up-trend.

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