Monday, November 9, 2009

The What, the Why and the How of Supply Chains

Like anything else, understanding what is a supply chain is important. This field of management has been evolving. What was considered supply chain management a decade ago, has emerged, evolved, and extended. As firms realize how integrated their operations really are, the scope of functions considered as part of the supply chain processes continues to extend. Supply chains have been around since the industrial revolution began mass-production in early 1900s, but they have never been studied, developed, and managed with so much thought and consideration. For all these reasons, then, it is important to understand the what of supply chains.

But that is a start, not an end in itself.

Once you understand what are supply chains, the why and the how starts. After all, there is no problem that can be solved without understanding the why and the how. That is where the Enterprise Supply Chain Management comes in. This is a book that provides a functional tour of the supply chain processes in a firm. Instead of dwelling on the what, it dwells on the why and the how. It is written simply with a straightforward purpose: to provide an overview of the supply chain functions in an enterprise; and, for each, provide a brief why (why is this function important, what questions does it answer?), and a brief how (how does the function address the questions, what are the process inputs & outputs). It is a quick introduction for anyone who needs to take the next step: that of designing a supply chain and solving the problems and move beyond simply learning what are supply chains. It is concise and provides short succinct narration for all supply chain functions rather than going into long literary diatribes!

Get it on Amazon and other book-stores that sell management books. Or, click here to look inside and check the table of contents.

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